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Code like a Pro in C#

Автор: Jort Rodenburg
Дата выхода: 2021
Издательство: Manning Publications Co.
Количество страниц: 418
Размер файла: 29,8 МБ

 My first introduction to C# came when I joined Fujifilm Medical Systems in 2016. I had previous experience in Java and Python, but when C# came around, I did not look back. I loved its low barrier of entry and (at first excruciatingly infuriating) focus on explicit typing. Throughout my time at the company, I annoyed my coworkers with questions about C# and how to best use it. Getting started was easy, but becoming proficient was another matter altogether. Everybody can write a “Hello, World” application within 10 minutes, no matter their background, but using a language to its fullest strengths while knowing why certain things are implemented the way they are simply takes time. After a while, I felt like I had plateaued in my C# knowledge and was looking for resources to take me to the next level. Quickly, I realized that there were three major types of books dealing with .NET and C#: books about language-transcending topics (clean code, architecture, infrastructure, and the like) that happened to use C#, books on how to start programming using C#, and books that are so advanced that you might just be qualified to become the CTO of Microsoft after reading them. I wanted there to be a book that sat in the middle of all three: a book that deals with clean code and bridges the gap between beginner and advanced topics. That book did not exist, so I wrote it. This is that book.

 If you are a software engineer (or developer, or coder, or whatever your title may be) with previous experience in a (preferably object-oriented) programming language and want to jump into C#, this is the book for you. You will not have to learn how to write an if statement, nor will I explain what an object is to you. What you will find in this book are skills and topics that prepare you for deeper study into the language and platform. Of course, I can’t promise to cover everything a more difficult resource assumes you know, but within the limited page count of this book, I sure tried. I very much hope you enjoy this book and learn a thing or two. And if not, well, it never hurts to go over things you know again.

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