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C# 10 in a Nutshell

Автор: J. Albahari
Дата выхода: 2022
Издательство: O’Reilly Media, Inc.
Количество страниц: 1064
Размер файла: 10,0 МБ

 C# 10 represents the ninth major update to Microsoft’s flagship programming language, positioning C# as a language with unusual flexibility and breadth. At one end, it offers high-level abstractions such as query expressions and asynchronous continuations, whereas at the other end, it allows low-level efficiency through con‐ structs such as custom value types and optional pointers.

 The price of this growth is that there’s more than ever to learn. Although tools such as Microsoft’s IntelliSense—and online references—are excellent in helping you on the job, they presume an existing map of conceptual knowledge. This book provides exactly that map of knowledge in a concise and unified style—free of clutter and long introductions.

 Like the past seven editions, C# 10 in a Nutshell is organized around concepts and use cases, making it friendly both to sequential reading and to random browsing. It also plumbs significant depths while assuming only basic background knowledge, making it accessible to intermediate as well as advanced readers.

 This book covers C#, the Common Language Runtime (CLR), and the .NET 6 Base Class Library (BCL). We’ve chosen this focus to allow space for difficult and advanced topics without compromising depth or readability. Features recently added to C# are flagged so that you can also use this book as a reference for C# 9, C# 8, and C# 7.

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