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SQL для анализа данных
SQL для анализа данных. Кэти Танимура (2024)

 Рассказывается о возможностях SQL применительно к анализу данных. Сравниваются различные типы баз данных, описаны методы подготовки данных для анализа. Рассказано о типах данных, структуре SQL-запросов, профилировании, структурировании и очистке данных. Описаны методы анализа временных рядов, трендов, приведены примеры анализа данных …

Data Science

Ultimate Typescript Handbook
Ultimate Typescript Handbook. Dan Wellman (2023)

 This book provides a comprehensive guide to TypeScript, a programming language that extends JavaScript with powerful features like static typing, classes, and interfaces. The book is divided into thirteen chapters that cover everything from setting up a development environment to …


Pro Cryptography and Cryptanalysis with C++23. 2 Ed
Pro Cryptography and Cryptanalysis with C++23. 2 Ed. Marius Iulian Mihailescu, Stefania Loredana Nita (2023)

 Develop strong skills for writing cryptographic algorithms and security schemes/modules using C++23 and its new features. This book will teach you the right methods for writing advanced cryptographic algorithms, such as elliptic curve cryptography algorithms, lattice-based cryptography, searchable encryption, and homomorphic …


Beginning iPhone Development with SwiftUI. 7 Ed
Beginning iPhone Development with SwiftUI. 7 Ed. Wallace Wang (2023)

 Tame the power of Apple’s new user interface toolkit, SwiftUI. This revised and expanded Seventh Edition covers the basic information you need to get up and running quickly to turn your great ideas into working iOS apps with stunningly interactive …


Git Repository Management in 30 Days
Git Repository Management in 30 Days. Sumit Jaiswal (2023)

 Git is a popular open-source version control system that allows developers to efficiently track changes to their codebase and collaborate with others on software projects. If you want to gain a solid understanding of Git and its capabilities, then this …


React 18 Design Patterns and Best Practices. 4 Ed
React 18 Design Patterns and Best Practices. 4 Ed. Carlos Santana Roldán (2023)

 React helps you work smarter, not harder — but to reap the benefits of this popular JavaScript library and its components, you need a straightforward guide that will teach you how to make the most of it.

 React 18 Design …


Hands-On Design Patterns with C++. 2 Ed
Hands-On Design Patterns with C++. 2 Ed. Fedor G. Pikus (2023)

 C++ is a general-purpose programming language designed for efficiency, performance, and flexibility. Design patterns are commonly accepted solutions to well-recognized design problems. In essence, they are a library of reusable components, only for software architecture, and not for a concrete …


Flask Framework Cookbook. 3 Ed
Flask Framework Cookbook. 3 Ed. Shalabh Aggarwal (2023)

 Discover what makes Flask, the lightweight Python web framework, popular, as you delve into its modular design that enables the development of scalable web apps. With this practical guide, you'll explore modern solutions, recommended design patterns, and best practices for …


Getting Started With Java Using Eclipse
Getting Started With Java Using Eclipse. Bernhard Steppan (2023)

 В первой части книги вы получите базовые знания по Java и Eclipse. В этой части закладываются основы программирования, дается обзор технологии Java и показывается, что особенного в объектно-ориентированном программировании.

 Во второй части все вращается вокруг тонкостей языка Java, и именно …


Mastering MEAN Stack
Mastering MEAN Stack. Pinakin Ashok Chaubal (2023)

The MEAN stack, comprising MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js, is a widely used and robust web development framework. Acquiring expertise in the MEAN stack will equip you with the necessary skills to strengthen your web development capabilities, enabling you to …


Golang for Jobseekers
Golang for Jobseekers. Hairizuan Bin Noorazman (2023)

 Golang holds significance because of its emphasis on simplicity, readability, impressive performance, and built-in support for concurrency. If you want to elevate your Golang programming skills and become a more proficient developer, then this book is for you.


SQL and NoSQL Interview Questions
SQL and NoSQL Interview Questions. Vishwanathan Narayanan (2023)

 In every software-based job interview, database systems will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion. It has become customary to ask at least a few database-related questions. As NoSQL technologies continue to gain popularity, asking about their functionality and practical applications …